Source code for kpler.sdk.resources.players

from pandas import DataFrame

from kpler.sdk import Platform
from kpler.sdk.client import KplerClient
from kpler.sdk.configuration import Configuration

[docs]class Players(KplerClient): """ The ``Players`` endpoint allows to perform full-text search on players, in order to find names used in Kpler referential. """ RESOURCE_NAME = "players" AVAILABLE_PLATFORMS = [Platform.Dry, Platform.Liquids, Platform.LNG, Platform.LPG] def __init__(self, configuration: Configuration, column_ids: bool = True, log_level=None): super().__init__(configuration, self.AVAILABLE_PLATFORMS, column_ids, log_level)
[docs] def search(self, q: str) -> DataFrame: """ Args: q: str Argument to search by in players names Examples: >>> from kpler.sdk.resources.players import Players ... players_client=Players(config) ..."somo") .. csv-table:: :header: "players" "SOMO" "Somoil" """ query_parameters = {"q": q, "resources": self.RESOURCE_NAME} return self._search(query_parameters)